Writing Workshops

Are you choosing the best words?

Does your writing clearly express your ideas and logic?

Would you like to take your writing skills to the next level?

Telegram Writing Consulting’s workshops are interactive and packed full of learning. Learn how to clear away the clutter so that your voice and expertise can shine through. Practise writing and rewriting in plain language as you learn from the workshop leader and other group members in a supportive, encouraging environment.

Bring Telegram Writing Consulting right into your workplace to host the writing workshop that will help your team become truly excellent writers. 

Here’s a sample list of workshop topics:

Clear Writing for the New Lawyer
Advise and Illuminate: Principles of Clear Writing for Lawyers

Online Writing: Best Practices for Blog Posts and Articles
Mentoring Younger Writers

Understanding the Media to Reach the Public

Law Students
Ready to Write? Professional Writing for Law Students
Writing Matters: Standing Out in the Recruitment Process
Polished and Professional: Developing Effective Public Speaking Skills

Tribunal Decision Writers
Decide and Distill: Refining Decisions to be Clear, Complete, and Persuasive

Business Professionals
Power Writing for Business Leaders: Essentials
The Art of the Effective Email

Online Writing: Best Practices for Blog Posts and Articles
Cut the Jargon: Writing for Clients and Customers

Would you like to find out more about writing workshops?