Individual Writing Coaching

There’s always room to improve your writing. The better your writing is, the more people will want to work with you and your firm or business. Improving your writing can lead to happier clients, better job satisfaction, and more referrals.

At Telegram Writing Consulting, I offer individual writing coaching. The process takes about three to six months, depending on the client’s needs. I use writing coaching to help you find your voice – so you can get extra words and awkward phrases out of the way.

I always start by looking at samples of your professional writing right now. I use them to diagnose major issues and estimate the amount of writing coaching you need. There is no charge for this initial consultation. Once you've accepted my estimate, we meet in person or by phone so that I can learn more about your goals for writing. If a firm is sponsoring the writing coaching, I may also discuss writing goals with the client's supervisor.

I create a personalized writing guide for every client. It includes sections that specifically apply to your writing: major issues, style, overused words, grammar and punctuation, and a checklist to use whenever you finish writing. Clients refer to these guides and apply their new knowledge to writing at work. We then work together to review new work product and improve your writing skills. This coaching review happens every two to four weeks, depending on your schedule. You will finish the coaching process with more confidence, knowing your writing is clearer and more engaging.

I also offer a condensed form of writing coaching after writing workshops.

Because I conduct the individual writing coaching over email, I am available to work with clients across North America.

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