Kind Words

I’ve been lucky to work with amazing clients and co-workers over the years. I’ve seen them gain confidence while their writing has become full of life and clarity. Would you like to find out how you could join them? Contact me for a consultation.

Alison Cowan
Director of Professional Development, Fasken

Stephanie’s workshop was excellent! She delivered an engaging and informative talk on Clear Writing Principles for Lawyers and her content hit just the right mark with our associates. They found the information Stephanie provided very valuable, with many asking about future follow-up opportunities after the workshop. I would recommend Stephanie’s Clear Writing workshop to any lawyer who wants to improve his or her communication and drafting skills.


Brent Parr
President and CEO, Optio Publishing

For many of our staff, email is the primary method of communication. Stephanie has coached several team members, and the results have been fantastic. Their writing is clearer and more concise, and they have improved confidence. Her coaching has been well worth the investment.


Ashley Geddes
Senior Producer Digital, CBC Edmonton

Stephanie and I worked together as producers for CBC's Edmonton AM morning radio current affairs program. Stephanie is an exceptional writer, a creative storyteller and ideas person. She has superior organizational skills, which everyone on our team relied upon during the staging of special events, such as production of shows from remote locations and the annual Christmas drive for the food bank. Stephanie is a talented, hard-working and warm co-worker and a joy to collaborate with.


Terri Karpish
Lawyer and Career Officer, University of Saskatchewan College of Law

I highly recommend Stephanie, whether it is for individual coaching, teamwork or editing. She has a unique talent for all three. People are instantly drawn to Stephanie. She is a warm, engaging person. I have seen her speak to a room of more than 100 law students and not only capture their attention, but capture it in a kind way that imparts knowledge and encourages them to take action. She has an eye for detail and is extremely efficient. She will get the work done quickly and make your life easier. I feel lucky to have found her!


Richard Hoshino
Author, The Math Olympian

I am extremely grateful to Stephanie Mitchell for the writing coaching and editing that she gave me as I sought to become a published novelist. I reached out to Stephanie shortly after I completed the first draft of my manuscript, the story of a bullied teenager’s quest to represent Canada at the Math Olympics. 

As a first-time writer with zero background in creative writing, I was grateful for Stephanie’s encouragement and belief in my less-than-stellar manuscript, as well as her specific advice: to fix the many instances when my protagonist (a 17-year-old girl) sounded like me; to cut certain scenes that didn’t advance the plot; to focus more on character development rather than the math to keep the pages turning; and pointing out numerous typos and anachronisms that had eluded me. 

Thanks to Stephanie’s expertise, I was able to publish “The Math Olympian” and am delighted with the reviews I have received thus far from Amazon and Goodreads, reviews that would have been nowhere as strong without the professional editing and coaching I received from Telegram Writing Consulting.