For Lawyers

Clients come to lawyers for answers. They want their lawyers to make sense of complicated problems. Research shows that clients are looking for clear communication: they want to understand what’s happening in their file. 

Whether you’re writing an opinion letter, pleadings or an email to opposing counsel, lawyers have specific needs. Your writing needs to be clear and persuasive, but also exact. I have a law degree – I get that.

Many aspiring lawyers go to law school because they enjoy writing and working with people. Law school is a great place to learn how to analyze cases and research precedent. Unfortunately, there isn’t always time to focus on the craft of writing and communicating clearly with clients, colleagues and judges. 

That’s where I come in. As a writing coach, I help lawyers polish their writing to make it even more effective. If you can write clearly, clients, colleagues and judges will thank you. What’s more, they’ll understand you the first time.

Choose the best simple words. Use the active voice. Embrace short sentences. I’ll show you how. Contact me to find out more about writing coaching and corporate training workshops for lawyers.

Here’s a sample list of workshop topics for lawyers:

Clear Writing for the New Lawyer
Cut the Jargon: Writing for Clients
Principles of Clear Writing for Lawyers

Online Writing: Best Practices for Blog Posts and Articles
The Art of the Effective Email
How to Mentor Younger Writers
Generation What? Bridging the Divide with Professional Writing
Writing Matters for Law Students: Standing Out in the Recruitment Process

I regularly travel to law firms across Canada to lead these writing workshops.