Frequently Asked Questions


Who needs a writing coach?
Almost everyone. A few people are naturally good writers, but most people need a bit of help to find their voice. Everyone can get lazy and fall into using words and phrases that weigh their ideas down. Once you clear away the clutter, you’ll find your writing becomes clearer and more persuasive – whether you’re trying to win a case, communicate with a client, or get that next promotion.

What if I’m a terrible writer? Can you still help me?
Absolutely! If you’re aware that your writing needs work and you want to improve it, you’re already halfway there. I’ll diagnose your major issues and help you find ways to express yourself in writing. With a bit of help, you’ll be able to find your voice and write clearly in plain language. Find out more about individual writing coaching here.

Are you a stickler for perfect grammar and punctuation?
Writing should be full of life. Sometimes, that means breaking a rule to get your point across. I know the rules and I know when to break them. In my consulting practice, I focus on freeing clients from old-fashioned ideas that professional writing needs to be stodgy and awkward. If that means fixing a few common grammar mistakes, I’ll help with that. But the main thing is to improve your writing overall – which will come from finding your voice and learning to enjoy writing.

Can I hire you to do my writing for me?
Like the old Chinese proverb about teaching a man to fish instead of just giving him the fish, my passion is to teach people to improve their own writing. I’d love to talk to you about individual writing coaching, writing workshops, or editing.

What are your fees?
Whether you’re looking for a speaker, a coach, or an editor, I customize my services to meet each client’s specific needs. Get in touch and we can talk about what you need.

Why did you call your business Telegram Writing Consulting?
A telegram was the original pithy statement. Telegram companies charged by the word, so writers were careful to choose just the right words to get their message across. I believe we should all approach writing the same way: choosing the very best words to make our writing clear and full of life.

What are your favourite words?
Every word can be a good word if it’s used the right way. Here are a few words I gravitate toward: strong, iron and light. I generally like short words.

What are your least favourite words?
As I said, every word can be good if it’s used in the right context. But certain words are overused and often used incorrectly. Here are a few: ongoing, assist and – can I cheat with a phrase? – in advance of.

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