Corporate Training

Writing makes up a big part of every workplace – both internally and externally. Websites, blog posts, reports and emails all use the written word to get your message out.

Most employees and supervisors communicate with each other by email or instant messaging. A poorly-written internal email means wasted time and can lead to miscommunication and unnecessary frustration.

What’s more, if your employees don’t sound approachable and trustworthy when they write external emails and reports, they miss opportunities to reach new clients and strengthen relationships with existing clients.

That’s where Telegram Writing Consulting comes in. I regularly travel across Canada to lead corporate training workshops.

Every workshop is tailored to address writing and communication issues in that specific workplace. I believe that everyone can find their voice and learn to write in a clear, engaging way – with a little help.

Corporate training workshops are interactive and packed full of learning. Participants learn how to express themselves in plain language and have opportunities to practise writing and rewriting. They learn from the workshop leader and each other in a supportive, encouraging environment that focuses on clear, correct writing.

Here’s a sample list of workshop topics:

Clear Writing for the New Lawyer
Power Writing for Business Leaders: Essentials
Cut the Jargon: Writing for Clients and Customers
Principles of Clear Writing for Lawyers

Online Writing: Best Practices for Blog Posts and Articles
The Art of the Effective Email
Gaining Confidence in Your Writing
How to Mentor Younger Writers
Writing Matters for Law Students: Standing Out in the Recruitment Process
Generation What? Bridging the Divide with Professional Writing
So You Want to Write a Book?
Understanding the Media to Reach the Public (for Judges)

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