Slim Down Those Bloated Phrases

The racks of swimsuits are out and the magazines have all got together and decided we should go on a beach-body diet.

What if we shook our heads and put our words on a diet instead?

Yes, I’m looking at you, bloated phrases.

I’m looking at:

During the course of
The majority of
Owing to the fact that
There is no doubt but that
Far superior to

Try this: During the course of the summer, I make my way to the outdoor pool the majority of weekends owing to the fact that there is no doubt but that swimming outside is far superior to swimming inside.

Did I lose you yet?

Let’s put that sentence on a diet. No more bloated phrases for you!

In the summer, I go to the outdoor pool most weekends because swimming outside is much better than swimming inside.

See how much easier that is to read? It paints a picture in your head right away — you can almost see me breaking out of the indoor pool and heading outdoors. 

That’s what you want to do with your writing. Find the bloated phrases that are weighing your sentences down and banish them. Take an extra moment to choose the best words and phrases that give your sentences life. 

Call it summer writing. It’s lean and ready to wear whatever swimsuit it wants.