Words are everything. 

I can help you learn how to use them.

I offer:
Writing Workshops
Writing Coaching

My name is Stephanie C. Mitchell and I specialize in words. I help lawyers, judges, tribunal decision writers, engineers, and business professionals find the right words, which makes their writing clearer and more persuasive.

I have worked as a CBC Radio journalist across Canada. I know how to tell a story and make people listen. I have used my law degree to advise law students on legal careers and how to present themselves. I have worked in communications for provincial and federal governments and written clear news releases that actually said something.


On this road of journalism, law and communications, I keep coming back to words. I believe that everyone can find their voice and learn to write well – with a little help.

These days, the written word is everywhere: websites, posts, tweets, emails, texts. If you don’t know how to use your words in plain language, your message might not reach the right people. Whether you write emails to clients, pleadings, reports, website descriptions, or public brochures, I can help you gain confidence and use your words effectively.

Telegram Writing Consulting is based in Montréal, Canada, but I do work across North America.

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